Who governs the DRBA?

A. The Authority has twelve Commissioners who direct policy for the agency.The Governors of New Jersey and Delaware each appoint six members to the Commission.

How much revenue does the bridge generate?

A. The Delaware Memorial Bridge generates approximately $77 million a year.

How high are the Delaware Memorial Bridge towers?

A. The towers are approximately 441 feet tall.

How long is the Delaware Memorial Bridge?

A. Each Bridge has a 3,650 foot suspended span and 7,150 foot approach span totalling 10,765 feet in length abutment to abutment.

What is the average traffic volume on the bridge?

A. Approximately 45,000 vehicles pay the toll on the Delaware Memorial Bridge daily. Because tolls are collected in one direction only, the estimated number may be doubled to get the total average daily volume.

When driving across the Bridge, how far from the water am I at the highest point?

A. The Delaware Memorial Bridge deck at center span is approximately 200 feet above the Delaware River. Because the Delaware River is tidal, the distance can vary.

How is the Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) organized?

A. The DRBA, a bi-state agency, was created by Compact in 1962 to own and operate all transportation crossings between New Jersey and Delaware. The Compact was approved by both New Jersey and Delaware legislatures and the United States Congress. The Compact was amended in 1990 to permit the Authority to engage in economic development projects in the four southern counties of New Jersey and the three counties of Delaware.

When were the Spans built?

A. The original span (New Jersey-bound) was finished on August 16, 1951 while the second span was opened to traffic on September 12, 1968.

Did the state of Delaware finance and build the first bridge?

A. Yes, the state of Delaware built, financed and operated the first span until 1962 when the Delaware River and Bay Authority was created.

I’ve made my reservation for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. What can I expect when I arrive at the Terminal?

A. Now that you have booked on-line, when you arrive at the terminal and you will be traveling with your vehicle, check-in at the toll plaza. Vehicle check-in begins 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure; if check-in has not been completed at the toll booth 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure, reserved customers may forfeit their reserved status. The Customer Service Representative will advise you where to park; the boarding process begins approximately 20 minutes prior to your departure. You will drive your own vehicle aboard the ferry