DMB Construction Updates

Suspension Rope Replacement
Several suspender ropes and their connection brackets were found to show corrosion in the last annual inspection. Sixty-four (64) ropes were replaced in 2016.  Based on the assessment and current condition, an additional sixty (60) ropes and brackets will be replaced in 2017.  It is expected that 276 suspension ropes and brackets will be replaced at an estimated cost of $15 million over the next five years.
Estimated completion:  December 2021

Main Cable Preservation

As a result of the cable investigation work done in 2010, it was determined that preventive measures are necessary to maintain the service life and capacity of the Delaware Memorial Bridge structures. This project will design and construct a dehumidification system to preserve the main suspension cables. The project involves the fitting of air tight wraps around the main cables, positioning injection and exhaust ports, and installing advanced dehumidification plants inside the anchorages of the two bridges.  The system will also be equipped with remote sensors and advanced monitoring systems to insure it is functioning as intended.

Project completed

I-295 Southbound Reconstruction

This is the final phase of safety improvements along I‐295 in New Jersey and Delaware which began in 1999. The southbound I‐295/US13 interchange experiences traffic congestion where four through lanes decrease to two lanes and the condition is further complicated by weaving patterns. This project includes removal of five (5) existing bridges, replacement of one (1) existing bridge, and elimination of the weaving patterns for increased traffic capacity and safety. This project, which began in 2016 and is expected to cost nearly $34 million, is partially funded in the amount of approximately $7.0 million by the Delaware Department of Transportation.

Project Completed


New Toll Collection System

The existing electronic toll collection (ETC) system is more than ten years old and by industry standards is nearing the end of its useful life. The project includes replacement of system hardware and software with a new advanced electronic toll collection (ETC) system that will safeguard against having unplanned interruptions and provide for more reliable toll collection.  Construction on the new toll system started in 2016.  The total cost of the project is expected to be approximately $7.8 million.

Estimated completion:  December 31, 2020