Delaware Airpark Master Plan

The DRBA is concluding its process to develop a Master Plan for Delaware Airpark.  On December 16, 2020, the Authority’s planning consultant, McFarland Johnson, Inc., hosted a virtual public information meeting to present an overview of this plan concept.  The purpose of the meeting was to display findings on the existing conditions, forecast of activity, future facility requirements and recommended development plan.   An airport master plan provides a road map for efficiently meeting aviation demand through the foreseeable future while preserving the flexibility necessary to respond to changing industry conditions. The general goals and objectives addressed by an airport master plan include the following:

•             To provide a framework for long-range planning (10 to 20 years)
•             To graphically present preferred airport development concepts
•             To define the purpose and need for development projects
•             To comply with all applicable FAA requirements
•             To enable the airport to achieve its mission
•             To assure compatible land use development
•             To support the financial health of one of a region’s most powerful economic engines
•             To identify facility requirements for all airport user
The video file of the recorded meeting can be found here: DRBA YouTube Page 
The summary of the Airport Master Plan can be found here: