Photo History of the Delaware Memorial Bridge
Once the design was completed and the financing set, the project was segmented into major contracts. They were: east and west anchorages and tower piers; approach river and land piers, embankments and superstructure; cables, suspenders and suspended steel erection; concrete deck; approach roadway; administrations building and toll booths.


In the beginning...
This photograph, taken on March 16, 1949, shows the very early stages of construction of the Delaware Memorial Bridge from an aerial view on the Delaware side of the river. Shown under way is Contract 3A held by Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp. Across the river between the two plants is the area where the New Jersey approach roadway would be constructed.

West approach piers...
This early photograph of the original construction shows the footings approaching the Delaware River on the New Jersey side. The Atlantic Electric power generating plant is at the left of the photo.

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