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Cape May – Lewes Ferry Operating Two Vessel Schedule; MV Delaware Taken Out of Service
By JSalmon on 07/06/2016:  

Cape May – Lewes Ferry Operating Two Vessel Schedule
MV Delaware Taken Out of Service

(Cape May, NJ)  Today, Cape May – Lewes Ferry (CMLF) officials announced that the vessel M/V DELAWARE, which was recently repowered with new engines, was taken out of service for crank shaft repairs on one of its main engines and will remain out of service for the next several days.  The Cape May – Lewes Ferry will be operating with two of its three vessels, the M/V CAPE HENLOPEN and M/V NEW JERSEY.
“Technicians from EMD, the engine manufacturer, are on-site to fix the problem detected by the ferry engineering team,” said Heath Gehrke, Director of Ferry Operations.  “We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and are working as fast as we can to get her back on-line.”  Gehrke noted that the new engines are under warranty and he also credited Chief Engineer Nesmond King with noticing the vibration in one engine and alerting the Port Engineer, which prevented further harm to the engine.   
“Our customer service representatives are going above and beyond to try and ensure that our customers can get where they want to go, when they want to go,” Gehrke said,” and our customers know that their safety and satisfaction is paramount.  We always recommend making reservations in the summertime, but it is even more important now.”
The ferry will still be running most of its scheduled departures with its two in-service vessels, the M/V CAPE HENLOPEN and M/V NEW JERSEY.  Until further notice, the Ferry’s modified weekday schedule is the following: 

                                                            Cape May                                         Lewes
                                                                 7:00A                                                8:45A
                                                                 9:30A                                              11:15A
                                                              10:30A                                              12:15P
                                                                 1:00P                                                2:45P
                                                                 2:30P                                                4:15P
                                                                 4:30P                                                6:15P
                                                                 6:00P                                                7:45P
The Ferry’s modified weekend schedule is the following: 

                                                            Cape May                                         Lewes
                                                               6:30A                                              8:15A
                                                               7:30A                                              9:15A
                                                             10:00A                                              11:45A
                                                             11:00A                                              12:45P
                                                               1:30P                                              3:15P
                                                               3:30P                                              5:15P
                                                               5:00P                                              6:45P
                                                               7:00P                                              8:45P
All customers with advance reservations have been contacted and will be accommodated on a scheduled crossing. 
New EMD (Electro-Motive Division) engines were recently installed on the MV Delaware as part of the vessel repowering program at the Cape May – Lewes Ferry.  For the latest departure information, please visit
The Cape May – Lewes Ferry is owned and operated by the Delaware River and Bay Authority, a bi-state governmental agency created by Compact in 1962.  The Ferry is open year-round and has carried more than 43 million passengers since its inception on July 1, 1964. In 2015, the ferry service, which connects Victorian Cape May, New Jersey, and historic Lewes, Delaware, transported approximately 275,000 vehicles and nearly 1 million passengers.  For schedule, rates and other program information, please visit the ferry’s website at, or call toll free, 800-643-3779.  Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @CMLFerry.